Cowgirls like Joan Michlin

Posted by: Unknown on Friday, February 18, 2011

The uniform is of the Scottsdale area is Jeans and Jewelry, and the cowgirls like their Joan Michlin!

Carefree, AZ certainly was care-free for the Michlin team. Our most western show, Carefree is the only show that Joan Michlin does in the Western US, and what a great location for it. When the mountains touch the sky the way the light hits is amazing, and the western feel is everywhere from the pueblo buildings and snakeskin boots.

Among some of the pieces that got adopted this show was the Archetype Bracelet a wonderful piece chunky piece made with tourmalated quartz. Streaks of blue-black tourmaline are like cracks in the winter ice clear quartz. Because of the rarity of the stone, this series may become a piece of history. The ring is still in the collection and should be on your shopping list!

Often we talk about how easily the reserve program can help you secure a larger piece, it was great to connect with women from the group of school teachers (Go P.S. 77 in Queens!) who have collected Joan Michlin jewelry over the last 30 years. Using the reserve program, these ladies spoke of how they were able to collect the pieces they wanted and have stellar collections-- and on a teachers salary! With just 1/3 down, you can reserve the price (important in today's volatile gold market) and chip away at the payments over time. Many of our biggest collectors use the reserve program to save the best for a special birthday or holiday without breaking the bank.

Thunderbird always puts on a great show, the Art and Wine Festival $3 admission includes tickets for wine and has some of the best artists in the country. The show meanders down streets named for the laid back community; Ho St, Hum St Easy Street and Nonchalant Ave. Carefree is a must stop if you are in the southwest this winter.

Joan Michlin will be back to Easy Street the first week in March this year, don't forget to stop by and say hello.