Make the Other Girls Jealous- Coconut Grove Art Festival

Posted by: Joan Michlin on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Every time the Empress Bracelet came out of the box, we were mobbed. Women would cross the street to comment. Not every woman can be married to Fabio, but after teasing his wife Patricia for two days he made her the envy of the show. She knows she's the lucky one. Want one yourself? Click here.

Coconut Grove Art Festival is a treat for artists and art aficionados a like. If you are looking for one show where you can go to to buy the best under perfect conditions, I suggest this one (and I know from shows!)

The festival planners try all year to put South Miami’s best face forward and they do it SO well here. Only the very best are vetted in and artists share a confidence that radiates to attract the nearly million visitors to this top fair. More than 400 artists show here in a grand style with smart collectors coming early in the day to beat the Miami heat and the teeming crowds.

Set along the Bay, you can’t go wrong with picking Coconut Grove as a destination spot, for 48 years this art fair has set the standard. The Joan Michlin Collection has been here for about 25 of the last 30 years.

I am pretty sure I have never had so much fun at a show. The customers were one of the best groups on the whole I've seen this year, with lots of new faces, old friends and some great good times.