Howling at the Moon Stones

Posted by: Joan Michlin on Sunday, February 27, 2011
New in the collection, the Cosmos series features rainbow moonstones which reflect light internally from layers in the stone creating an effect called schiller, or in the language of gems, adularescense. While white is the common color for moonstones to schill, the stones in Cosmos schill a mysterious blue.

The bracelet the rainbow moonstones in gold and silver, with teal topaz, pink sapphires and amethysts.

The earrings are two stunning rainbow moonstones set in gold.

Most recently, and with great excitement, has been the Cosmos snap enhancer, I just saw Joan wearing hers last night and I couldn't take my eyes off it. The Moonstone is SO big and the colors are entrancing. I usually see it on an omega, but she wore it on a chain.

The enhancer has a very wide bale on the back, so it can fit on even the widest of omegas and large chains. Just one of the Joan Michlin Collection attention to detail, the snap is made in sterling silver which is more resilliant than yellow gold for use over and over.

Moonstones are associated with love and it is said they arouse a tender passion and can fortell a long future together. Goddesses, especially the moon goddesses, have always adored these stones, so get one for your Goddess and see what happens.