Give our regards to chilly Broadway: From Warm, Sunny Boca Raton

Posted by: Joan Michlin on Saturday, January 17, 2015

Empress bracelet was the Grand Damme of the show in super busy Boca Raton, FL it seemed like it was never in the case! It feels so soft, each link just falls against your skin. Click here for a close look.

We were swamped with so many snowbirds and friends who knew us from our years in NYC. After a 27 year run there are many friends to meet up with on the road, we have over 30,000 friends out there. Don't forget to friend us on facebook to get the latest on our travels, our designs and our gossip.

It was so nice to connect with so many people who remember the fun of the gallery with Esther, the jewelry and Champagne.

One story was that the West Broadway Joan Michlin gallery was the first place they would stop in New York after getting off the plane or another couple who took a yearly pilgrimage to the store for their anniversary gift.

The shows are a great place to get all the fun of shopping for your Joan Michlin without the hassles of getting to NYC and we do a number of shows close to where you live, vacation and visit. Here is the event schedule so you don't miss a show.