Fireworks Over the Constellations

Posted by: Joan Michlin on Friday, July 3, 2015

This year started off beautifully with fireworks on the beach in Naples. I loves fireworks, and while we were looking at the sky afterward overlooking the darkness of the Gulf of Mexico, we could see Orion and the winter constellations.

Small surprise to find the newest earrings and jackets in the collection: Explosion and Orion. Explosion undulates delicately like the serpentine motion of falling magnesium rockets and Orion is straight and bold like an explosive spark. These new pieces contrast gold against silver and are easy to acquire with prices starting at $199

Naples was a great chance to meet up with many of our snowbird friends that we see up north in the summer at shows like Ann Arbor in Michigan. A very high quality show set up in one long promenade is a Naples tradition. See you next year!