Looking for a Gift? Joan Michlin Earrings!

Posted by: Joan Michlin on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Joan Michlin Earrings are an easy way to look like a superhero when the box opens. I always say there are 4 earrings at the display that will look great on everyone.





They are good midrange priced earrings. A group of 4 women was going in on a gift for a 5th woman, all of whom collected Joan Michlin. One woman was selected to make the choice for the group, and I knew one of these 4 pairs would be a delight. Because there are 4 to choose from, you can add your personality to the choice. They come in large and small sizes with even a medium size to choose from in most styles. Scale is easy to guess from the size of the earrings the woman typically wears.

Prism have folded thin bars of gold in a dynamic stepped trapezoid shape.

Cubist have a twist in them simple squares folded over

Symphony Silver and gold folding like a musical cleft

Cadence in Sterling silver and 14kt gold

Considering a splurge, going a bit higher?

Explosions with 3 f color VSI clarity diamonds and signature starburst array of gold. These are amazing in White gold.

Budget best buy: periwinkle or nautilus cochlear shape sure to please and be affordable enough for students or smaller budgets.

Newest designs for a small budget?

Try Orion (not on the website!) for a treat.