Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Synthetic Stones?

No. I only use top quality Natural Gemstones in all my designs. Certain gemstones are Enhanced, primarily Topaz, which comes out of the ground  in a range of not-so-pretty browns. All Blue, Teal,Peacock,and Mystic Topaz are heat-treated to achieve these colors.

Do you make Custom Pieces ?

All the designs I show are limited edition  or one of a kind, handmade pieces.  The demand for my work precludes me doing “custom” designs for people from “scratch”. However, I can often re-mount an existing stone of yours in one of my designs, make a design with a different combination of gems than what you see, or make slight modifications to existing designs in the Collections.

How fast can you ship?

If  I have the design you are ordering in stock, very quickly! Usually within several days of receiving your order. If I need to make a new piece , or if something must be sized, I ask for 4-6 weeks from start to ship date. I will always do my best to accommodate you, especially for special occasions-just ask.

How do you ship?

As a courtesy, we ship all work UPS Second Day Air. All packages MUST be signed for, so we call you when we ship so you have a fairly definite window to be  available to sign for your piece.

Are your prices “firm”?

All my designs are painstakingly hand-made. I ALWAYS  strive to give you my very best price , despite experiencing constant increases in almost every aspect of  doing business.

Is there a “payment Plan”?

Absolutely! We offer a “Reserve” plan, which is much like Layaway:  You can Reserve a piece with a one-third deposit. We then auto-charge your credit card  in monthly installments, interest free, for up to 12 months. The advantages include a guaranteed price,( nice for when I am having a price increase), and the piece you reserve is the one you get, (nice for when it is a special stone). You also will not get caught out if we discontinue a design.